Goal: Development of a high quality public image. Positioning in a market with cut-throat competition by offering unique services.
Sector: Consultancy (Consultant/Trainer, CMS Consultant, St. Gallen, since 1998)
Approach: Working out a business plan and strategies and measures to implement them.
Outcome: The new public image strengthens the personal responsibility.

Strengthening competence and personal responsibility.
Sector: Consultancy (Consultant/Trainer at the Institut Profiliertes Verhalten (IPV), Winterthur, 1993-1997)
Approach: Developing and conducting seminars/workshops in process accompaniment, in leadership behaviour and in communication (in German, English, French and Italian).
Outcome: The participants are aware of their entrepreneurial responsibility. More room for manoeuvre, more risk-proclivity, and stronger position with regard to the client as well as in the market creates higher yield.

: Translating management know-how into practice.
Sector: Education and further education (manager at Transfer, Stiftung für Marktwirtschaftliche Kaderschulung, St. Gallen, 1992-1993)
Approach: Development of training and consultancy services for future leaders of small and medium enterprises, both on a human resources and organisational level, in countries of the former Easter Bloc. Coordinating several projects to promote entrepreneurial behaviour by strengthening competence and responsibility. Creating awareness for superior quality.
Outcome: At the end of the first operating year, the number of young entrepreneurs who had accomplished the training with a certificate exceeded the expected numbers for the 2nd year.

Goal: Implementing measures for the new orientation of individual divisions of a company.
: Financial services (Organiser, Bank Rohner AG, now UBS AG, St. Gallen, 1990-1991)
: Initiating and carrying out projects of „Quality increase through improved strategies“. Implementing the projects together with the concerned parties, creating incentives for them to help shape the project of their own initiative. Training and sensitizing managers and other staff members in team building processes.
: Processes that were too long and inefficient could be replaced within 6 months by simpler ones with a cost-reduction of up to 60 %.

Goal: Improving effectiveness of new corporate cultures. Sector: Insurance (Consultant for Winterthur Insurances, Winterthur, 1986-1989)
: Developing and carrying out reorganisation projects for an improved market and client orientation as well as designing and implementing simpler structures and processes in the head office (reinsurance, finance and accounting, HR development). Managing projects to increase the efficiency together with an external Mc Kinsey-Analysis-Team in Dallas, Texas, USA.
: As a result of the new corporate culture, the market share could be maintained and even increased despite the liberalisation.

Goal: Changing an administration-oriented into a client-oriented company.
: Transport/tourism/public administration (Assistant and Consultant in economic matters at the Headquarters of Swiss Federal Railways, Berne, and the Bodensee-Toggenburg-Bahn, St. Gallen, which has now become the Schweizerische Südostbahn AG, 1979-1985)
: Developing structures close to the market and rational processes in line with the company mission. Capitalizing on existing saving potential, promoting responsibility for costs (Cost-/Profit Centre accounting), developing a new worksheet model and its introduction, optimising a global insurance cover at lower cost, promoting cost transparency in transport network operations. Carrying out competitiveness, structural and economic analyses at national and international level.
: Thanks to the new pilot- and client-oriented approach, the members of staff are implementing corporate policy while at the same time increasing the company’s revenue.